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Childcare facilities have put their trust in Tamoli


Our physiotherapist, specialised in paediatrics, spent several months looking for a babymat suited to her needs in the treatment of her little patients on the floor.

According to her, to have a good babymat, it had to meet several criteria:

The quality of the babymat

It should be comfortable, easy to clean, not too thin, not too soft, durable and of high quality

This means a babymat on which she can work all day on the floor while remaining comfortable with the babies and parents.

From her unsuccessful research, she decided to create her own babymat which has all the required assets and which will be used by early childhood professionals, by households, by practionners many different ways.

The Tamoli combines all the following qualities and advantages:

  • Hygienic with a thick, waterproof leatherette cover
  • A foam with a suitable density that does not collapse or crumble
  • Foldable in the middle, so it can be transformed and transported as an occasionnal bed and child's sofa


Child safety

Because we know the importance of the products used, we have had our Tamoli tested by the global Intertek group.

The results of the tests are as follows:

  • Guaranteed without phthalates or products harmful to children's health
  • Non-carcinogen
  • Non-allergic
  • Non-flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Durability (with friction test)
  • No azoic acids
  • The 5 cm thick foam is designed to make it more comfortable for children and adults to stay on the floor.

Positive opinions from professionals!

When we started out, we believed in this product so much that we lent Tamoli's to children's centres and nurseryz so that professionals could test this babymat, which is unlike any other.

These tests proved to be very positive. From then on, nurseries and all childcare practices decided to acquire the TAMOLI babymat. From that moment on, professionals in the early childhood sector spread the word about Tamoli by word of mouth and through professional networks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in our success, without whom our development would not have been as quick.

What we offer is very different at Tamoli:



A customer service that is always ready to listen and available for any particular request


One of the only babymat guaranteed (seams, non-collapsing foam and childproof zip


Advice and training available on request on the motor skills of babies and toddlers

After 2 years of activity, we are now present in the following facilities :

  • Physiotherapists' practices
  • Osteopathic practices
  • Speech and language therapists' practices
  • Psychomotricity practices
  • Midwife's practice
  • Chiropractors' practices
  • Occupational therapy practices
  • Nursery groups (People and Baby, Babilou, La Maison Bleue, among others)
  • Private and public day care centres and nurserys
  • Micro-nurseries and childminders

Most often, these facilities have placed the TAMOLI babymat in motor skills rooms, reading corners, in babies' rooms as a play mat and in waiting rooms.


For any information you may require, Cécilie, the sales manager (0033 6 95 09 91 69), is at your service and will be happy to assist you.

Size guide

The baby placed on the Tamoli allows normal and harmonious motor development.

  • Conçu par une kinésithérapeute spécialisée en pédiatrie depuis 30 ans ;
  • Fabriqué avec les normes CE, simili cuir, facile à nettoyer, déhoussable ;
  • Neutral colours that allow the child to distinguish perfectly his coloured toys and stimulate the desire to go and get it

Il existe en quatre dimensions avec toujours 5 cm d'épaisseur.

Its different sizes :

120 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm
Sufficient size for a child.

140 cm x 140 cm x 5 cm
Sufficient size for one or two children to move around without endangering themselves.

160 cm x 160 cm x 5 cm
Size recommended for twins or more than two children.

180 cm x 180 cm x 5 cm
Size used by professionals and not available for delivery in the UK

When folded :

120 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm
140 cm x 70 cm x 10 cm
160 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm
180 cm x 90 cm x 10 cm

With Tamoli, free motor skills becomes meaningful

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