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Kine advice

Free motor skills baby mat

Pediatrician's advice for the use of the free motor skills mat

Free motor skills rehabilitation is a great way to symmetrize babies

By re-educating them, the baby will be able to manage the use of his upper limbs when moving on the motor skills mat

Rehabilitation will promote movements on the ground in a horizontal position to set up motor patterns that will lead him to walk

On the free motor skills mat TAMOLI, baby mobilizes all his joints

Baby contracts his muscles to find balance and coordination

The static phase is the position flat on the floor on the mat as the adult has positioned the baby can move and observe without moving

The dynamic phase where the baby moves more and learns to move on the free motor skills mat TAMOLI

The discovery of verticality or the baby stands up, he maintains his back vertical

Baby is sitting on the Montpellier free motor skills mat Hérault, then on his knees and soon stands up

Knowing how to pass from the back to the stomach prevents the baby from being blocked on the back and leads him to movements on the mat

The baby loves to stare at the mirror and it helps him to develop his body diagram

The free motor space must have several criteria: safety, ease of maintenance and modularity, but above all pedagogy

From 4 months, the young baby can be left free to move around on the Montpellier motor skills mat TAMOLI

In free motor skills, the adult respects the baby's rhythm and does not try to put him on his feet, he will do it by himself

In the bedroom, the adult installs a large motor skills mat TAMOLI with a mirror on the wall and a small piece of furniture that will allow the baby to stand up

On the motor skills mat TAMOLI the baby squirms and struggles to catch a play close to him

The baby should practice on his own to grab an object to build muscle and gain self-confidence

The free motor skills mat TAMOLI becomes his playground

The motor development of the child is achieved gradually, day after day

Baby on your Montpellier free motor skills mat becomes aware of the possibility of moving

He progresses quickly by gaining confidence helped by the coating of the free motor skills mat TAMOLI

A look from the parents is enough to validate their progress on the motor skills mat TAMOLI

All the accessories on the motor skills mat help him to advance, to progress while playing


Professional advice

Discover the specialist's opinions on the TAMOLI free motor skills mat

Sleep on the back and we play on the stomach

Recommendations from the creator of Tamoli who has been a physiotherapist specializing in pediatrics for over 30 years.

Confronted every day with parents on the installation of their baby throughout the day, the designer gives us her point of view.

What solution proposed?

What materials used?

At what age should a baby be put on his stomach?

Why is it important to go through all the motor stages?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to the firm.

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