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Because growing well is first about having confidence in your body.

Eva – Tatjana – Cécilie


Customer & Professional Reviews

Free motor skills baby mat

Opinion of professional physiotherapist Montpellier Hérault

Gradually test the pleasure shared by your child by putting him on his free motor skills mat TAMOLI

Over time, baby will be able to make actions on his own that allow him to assert himself

Quickly on the free motor skills mat TAMOLI the child will manage to take his natural position

Once seated, the child will start to want to reach for the toys placed on the Montpellier free motor skills mat

His progress will be visible to parents on this mat designed to welcome him in complete safety.

The advantage of the traction mat TAMOLI placed on the floor and give the child a view of his environment, his room

The motor skills mat will accompany him for a good part of his baby's life and help him gain confidence

To move, crawl, then walk alone, this is the objective of the free motor skills mat TAMOLI

Spend time with your child by pulling on his leg, and rolling him on his side

All these gestures will help him to know his body to better progress on his Montpellier motor skills mat

The free motor skills mat TAMOLI Hérault becomes baby's companion to move forward in his life

L’avis de nos Clients sur Tamoli

Here is a small sample of the opinions of clients and professionals who have adopted Tamoli at home but also in their professional environment.

We are really touched to receive such nice comments as the following.

Service, quality and availability are very important values for Tamoli and we will continue to support you in your concerns, your choices and your questions.


Tamoli in my practice Speech therapist - Jennifer BAILLOT


Physiotherapy practice in Claret - Christelle Gonzalvez - Audrey Legallo - Marion Secher


Tamoli in my physiotherapy practice- Christel Molinier

Thomas Fernandez - Osteopath specializing in pediatrics

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A versatile investment

I bought this rug for my grandchildren, they are always lying on the floor to play. It serves as an extra bed for me. and the little ones asked me if I could buy another one! It's a good investment especially for the youngest of two, who spends a long time playing there when I can't find him asleep! thank you really satisfied.

Marie-José Dalmau

Tamoli & physiotherapy

I have been using the TAMOLI mat daily at the practice for several years with great satisfaction. It is essential in pediatrics, but I also use it for certain exercises with “fragile” adults. It is aesthetic, resistant, easy to store. It becomes an extra bed, a play and reading space. It’s a gift that spans the years.

Christel Molinier

Head of nursery school

A very comfortable motor skills mat for moments of relaxation, in a small quiet corner. Children like to sit there in any posture. The whole family benefits by joining our children. The quality is at the rendezvous and we are very satisfied with our purchase which accompanies us every day. I highly recommend the Tamoli.


Speech Therapist

I am a speech therapist and in my practice I mainly see children under the age of 3 and patients with multiple disabilities who do not walk and do not always sit well. I installed a space of 4 mats. My little patients can move around and explore the environment in complete safety, which promotes the emergence of language.

Jennifer BAILLOT - Speech therapist
Saint Genies des Mourgues

Midwife at Montarnaud

I use the TAMOLI mat for my baby massage lessons, it is practical to clean and comfortable. Babies are thrilled and can roll over or sleep safely during the session. The soft color of the upholstery is very pleasant and allows children to play in peace. A rug that I recommend. Thanks Tamoli.

Clémentine Chinaux - midwife


I have been using the TAMOLI mat daily at the practice for several years with great satisfaction. Indispensable tool in pediatrics, but I also use it for certain exercises with “fragile” adults. It is aesthetic, resistant, functional, easy to handle and to store between 2 patients. it's a favorite birth gift!

Christel Molinier physiotherapist

For the whole family

Very happy to have acquired a Tamoli for my 5 month old loulou. The whole family loves spending good times on it, rolling around and moments of bonding. We can see the motor skills of our youngest evolving and enjoy moments of cuddling. I recommend Tamoli and am very satisfied with this rug which has taken place at home.

Loucia Liyana Matéo
January 18, 2021

I recommend it 1000%

The Tamoli rug has been in our top 5 best buys since my son was born. The sober color goes well with our living room and above all the cushioning is perfect, soft enough to absorb small shocks, firm enough for the baby to push off the ground and move around and lie down near him. I recommend it 1000% for a gift!

Coralie Lefevre
December 27, 2020

A mat that keeps its promises

I don't recommend a lot of product but this one I know very well. My son had it throughout his motor development! Thought out and Developed by a wonderful child physiotherapist who has allowed our little treasure to be so energetic, adventurous and at ease in her body today! I highly recommend Tamoli

Lucie Massador

Freedom of the Child with Tamoli

I received my mat this week, it is great! I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to give their child freedom. Because growing well is first about having confidence in your body. What does not spoil anything, it is beautiful and blends in perfectly with any interior. Thank you Tamoli and well done

Céline Cel
January 15, 2021

Use for my 3 children

I have a Tamoli rug for my 18 month old grandchildren - 5 and 10 years old. This is a purchase that I am particularly happy with. Children use it either for playing or even sleeping occasionally because the comfort is at the rendezvous. Easy to clean and of good quality, we like it very much every day. And apartment storage is simple.

Marie-José Dalmau
September 07, 2020

Extremely satisfied

I am extremely satisfied and just wish I had known him sooner! I advertised it to all the young and future parents I know! Its solid color is very discreet and you can easily store it under a bed. Thank you again for designing this free motor skills mat for our children's first steps and helping them grow up

Marianne Roche
February 22, 2021

Tamoli for my consultations

I am delighted with the mat, it is really pleasant and practical to clean. I give a more than favorable opinion and I advertise it to my relatives and patients. Once used, you can't do without it. It is of good quality and can be cleaned if products are spilled on its coating. A carpet as we like it with a lot of advantages.

Davrieux Léa
Physiotherapist masseur specialized in pediatrics


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