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Advice of Physiotherapist specialised in children

Faced with parents every day about settling their baby throughout the day, the physio gives us her point of view

  • What solution proposed ?
  • What materials used ?
  • At what age should a baby be put on his belly ?
  • Why is it important to go through all the motor stages ?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions at the practice

Sitting or crawling assistance,

Sitting or crawling assistance,

At what age can a child sit up? This is a question that is often asked. In the health booklet, for the 9-month check, there is the question: "How old is your child?

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Delayed motor skills

Delayed motor skills

Motor delay is an interesting topic and there is a lot of debate on social networks and also among health professionals in the field.

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What is free motor skills?

What is free motor skills?

A baby's motor development depends on his or her settling in throughout the day. The first steps in free-motor life start on the floor...

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Size guide

The baby placed on the Tamoli allows normal and harmonious motor development.

  • Conçu par une kinésithérapeute spécialisée en pédiatrie depuis 30 ans ;
  • Fabriqué avec les normes CE, simili cuir, facile à nettoyer, déhoussable ;
  • Neutral colours that allow the child to distinguish perfectly his coloured toys and stimulate the desire to go and get it

Il existe en quatre dimensions avec toujours 5 cm d'épaisseur.

Its different sizes :

120 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm
Sufficient size for a child.

140 cm x 140 cm x 5 cm
Sufficient size for one or two children to move around without endangering themselves.

160 cm x 160 cm x 5 cm
Size recommended for twins or more than two children.

180 cm x 180 cm x 5 cm
Size used by professionals and not available for delivery in the UK

When folded :

120 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm
140 cm x 70 cm x 10 cm
160 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm
180 cm x 90 cm x 10 cm

With Tamoli, free motor skills becomes meaningful

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